Read below to find out what some of our School Owners, Nuts and Bolts Team Leaders, and student graduates have to say about the Nuts and Bolts Training Programs:

Team Leader Interview – Ianthia from Hoss Lee Academy

Team Leader Interview – Gina from Elaine Steven Beauty College

Team Leader Interview – Kristin from Brown Aveda Institute

Team Leader Interview – Melissa from Sassoon Academy



“Nuts and bolts has dramatically changed the culture of our school. We produce a far better graduate today than we did before Nuts and Bolts. Nothing is more important to us than the success of our graduates, and Nuts and Bolts helps us produce some of the most hirable and successful graduates in the country.”
–John Halal, Owner, Honors Beauty College,
2009 President of Association of American Cosmetology Schools

“One month in and our average guest ticket has gone up $5.00! Nuts and Bolts IS helping us prepare the best in the business!”
Len Melvin, Owner, Hays Academy of Hair Design, Hays, KS

“Nuts and Bolts are amazing. They gave my staff and I the tools and the confi- dence to implement exciting new programs in our college that without a doubt, will result in a huge positive change leading us all to new levels of success.”
Brenda Scharman, Owner, Cameo College of Essential Beauty, UT

“Nuts and bolts has changed our world at Stewart School! We were a really good school before, but now we are a school that lives and breaths team work, pas- sion, joy, success….”
Angela Hansen, Director, Stewart School, Sioux Falls, SD

“Nuts and Bolts gives us an exclusive edge over other Beauty Schools. It helps us teach a student from day one how to educate the client and how to make money in this industry. The business aspect of Nuts and Bolts holds a respect with not only the salon industry but with the parents of a student. Nuts and Bolts has raised our average service ticket 22% in the last month and our average retail ticket 30% in the last 6 months. You cannot afford NOT to do it!!”
-Kim McIver, Director, Eveline Charles Academy, Alberta Canada

“NaB training has provided our Instructors with tools to teach advanced job skills to our students. One of these vital job skills trains students to be job ready with professional skills to meet the client’s needs by prescribing products and up-services. With ease, students are in salons/spas creating an income as soon as they are hired. NaB students in the beauty industry have an advantage over students who have not had NaB training. This is such a powerful tool for all schools to teach students to be professional and successful in our industry. THANK YOU NaB!”
Kelly Gordon, BJ’s Beauty & Barber College, Tacoma, WA

“Had an unbelievable time at my first application of “Nuts and Bolts” – Our instructor was very energetic (Christi). Everyone needs to have this program available to them. It was a very “feng shui” day 🙂
Thank you”
-Diane Lipson, Cameo College, Murray UT

“I took my first section of nab today. I cant believe how many tiny things I would have overlooked if the session hadn\’t brought them to my attention. NAB is a great tool for business success.”
-Cindy W, Cameo College, Murray UT

“With the Nuts & Bolts program offered through Stewart School, I really got a better understanding of all the elements that go into running a business. More so, a salon. I feel better prepared to go out and work in a salon on my own. I feel I have the tools to succeed and be ahead of my competition”
-Elsa Volkers, Stewart School, Sioux Falls, SD

“Nuts & Bolts is a terrific program that I know will help me to be a successful cosmetologist and also a great business woman. Someday I would love to have my own salon back in my home town. After completing the Nuts and BOlts program, I have the knowledge, tools and skills that it will take to achieve my dream! [smiley face] This program gave me confidence!”
-Burgandy Herrboldt , Stewart School, Sioux Falls, SD

“I think Nuts & Bolts is helpful not only in the salon, but also life in general. Even your jobs that carry you through school.”
-Irma Holmes , Stewart School, Sioux Falls, SD

“Nuts & Bolts is an extraordinary program that can be used in more than just business. It can also be used in everyday life. If you learn to step out of your comfort zone and not become complacent you can WOW anybody!”
-Mindy Staggs , Stewart School, Sioux Falls, SD

“Nuts and Bolts is a GREAT program. It gives the student some great tools to apply to their career and in everyday life. The great thing about this program is it can be applied to ANY job.”
-Amy Jedlicka , Stewart School, Sioux Falls, SD

“Nuts & Bolts really helped me understand more of how to not only enjoy cosmetology but how to profit and grow into a better business person. It taught me to wrk ‘smarter, not hahrder’ and that will be my mission statement for every client–every time!”
-Jessica Morgan , Stewart School, Sioux Falls, SD

“Nuts & Bolts is the essential framework for any business. By being problem solvers and prescribing products and services to clients, we can be successful in any aspect of our work. I apply Nuts & Bolts to every day life since it benefits me, my co-workers and my clients. Learn it!”
-Kara Thompson , Stewart School, Sioux Falls, SD

“Nuts & Bolts was an inspiring class! It taught me the importance of retail and working smarter not harder.”
-Devan Dominiack , Stewart School, Sioux Falls, SD

“Nuts & Bolts was a very informative program. It taught me to work smarter not harder. To use theresources around me to build my business and be successful. I really am glad I was taught all these great skills.”
-Samantha Heim , Stewart School, Sioux Falls, SD

“Nuts & Bolts is an outstanding program that opens opportunities for cosmetologists that were overlooked. Using the techniques that are provided for us always makes the door open for opportunities. The skills that are taught, naturally give you correct formulas to be successful, make sales goals and explore your opportunities you may have thought were impossible. Impossible is a word you’ll never be taught with nuts & bolts. Working with techniques provided from Nuts & bolts will only lead us to brighter opportunities”
-Heather Clause, Stewart School, Sioux Falls, SD

“i have been at cosmetology school for over a year now and i have recently been taking the classes from nuts and bolts. i have loved them, i have felt more confident in alot of ways and i love how everytime i leave classes i feel like i can become someone better by what i just learned. i have nover been really good at selling retail feeling as if im focusing someone to do something but since i\’ve taken nuts and bolts my retail has went from 0% to 25% i know that what im selling will help my client and that makes me feel more confident in having them buy the product!”
-Karla Garrett, cameo college, utah , Nuts and Bolts Student

“I have been so inspired by nuts and bolts. Every time I have ever taken the class I have been enlightened. It has given me so many great ideas that I will be able to use for my future success!”
-Lyndi Staker , Nuts and Bolts Student

I am so happy that I have had the opportunity to take the Nuts and Bolts course. It has given me the tools I need to be a successful esthetician in the beauty industry. It is a very inspirational class and I have gotten a lot out of it.””
-Dayna Christie , Nuts and Bolts Student

“I was very excited when the nuts and Bolts program was implemented into our school Training . Sure i can do the treatments in the spa But i was unsure about the Business side of everything ,To my suprise things i never thought i would understand are being brought to my attention in a easy to remember format.
Thanks so much for helping me become the successful student that i had envisioned.”
-Misty Johnson, Nuts and Bolts Student

“I am a student at Cameo College of Essential Beauty. Nuts and Bolts has been an awesome experience and oppurtunity to learn how to set goals for my self on how to be successful in my carreer. Im exciteed to use the tools and knowledge that this program has offered!”
-Sophia Eldredge, Cameo College of Essential Beauty, Nuts and Bolts Student

“Nuts and Bolts has been a great “refresher” course for me. After the business classes I\’ve taken in the past, this course has given me a fresh outlook on the business potential that we have in this industry.”
-Sharon Larsen, Nuts and Bolts Student

“I am grateful for the knowledge I have gained in the Nuts and Bolts training classes. It has helped me see I can work for someone else, or even better, work for myself! It didn\’t occur to me, until I took the classes, that I can actually run my own business! Thank you Nuts and Bolts, and thank you to my wonderful instructors!”
-Heather Hodges, Cameo College of Essential Beauty, Nuts and Bolts Student

“Dear Jim and Robert:
I have recently completed the NAB program and it has helped me so much at my work place. At my job we have a November and December upselling competition. I am working as a receptionist there and I am leading the salon in up-sells and up-services. I am beating the stylists! WOW! I really think I am leading the competition beacause I am using what I have learned from NAB to up-sell and up-service.”
-Jessica Cardelle, Nuts and Bolts Student

“Nuts and Bolts is a GREAT CLASS! It helps you become the smartest student, designer that you can be! It shows you how to be personable and effective without being overbearing!”
-Dylan Delzer, Nuts and Bolts Student

“Nuts and Bolts is a GREAT CLASS! It helps you become the smartest student, designer that you can be! It shows you how to be personable and effective without being overbearing!”
-Dylan Delzer, Nuts and Bolts Student, Stewart School

“My name is Crysta Harrington. I am a student at Capri College. I am days away from graduating and wanted to express how much nuts and bolts has changed attitude and prospective.
I was a little apprehensive when I heard we were going to implement another change into our curriculum. Change can be pretty scary and I was comfortable the way things were. I didn’t know how this was going to affect me and the way I did things here. My feelings changed rather quickly when I first heard Jim Yates speak at our school. His charisma and positive energy had me bubbling inside. I thought to myself “this is finally going to be the school I wished it had been the moment I stepped into it.” I felt a sense of pride that the college I was attending cared enough to make us this 5 star school and was putting the effort into us to make us the best possible professionals we could be. When nuts and bolts was implemented and we started using the traveler it was an adjustment but it was a good one. I have never thought of myself as a person that needs help talking to people. Why else would I be getting into this business if that was a challenge for me? The traveler gave me a guide that helped me keep on track to talk to my clients about their hair care needs. I noticed a spike in my overall production. Add on services and retail were both a good increase for me. Over the last 90 days I have tripled my sales and service. Last month my total was 1068.00 for service and 526.00 for retail which put me in the 1500.00 club! It was a huge goal for me to have accomplished. I am excited to see how many more students have success stories. The overall energy in our school has changed for the better. I will be continuing my education at Capri with the Esthetics course. Thank you for making my future seem limitless with possibilities for success. I feel truly blessed!! ”
-Crysta Harrington, Capri College, Cedar Rapids

“I’m happy to have nuts and bolts at the school I\’m attending and for the opportunity to participate in the classes. They have taught me how to retail better and keep track of my clients from each month to each day. It helps motivate me and set personal goals for myself.”
-Chelsea Van Camp, Nuts and Bolts Student

“Nuts and Bolts taught me so much and in such a positive manner! It reminded me of basic business skills and also enlightened me by teaching career-specific skills that will make me more successful in my field.”
-Tami Anderson, Nuts and Bolts Student

“Hello, I just wanted to say that this program has opened my eyes a little more about how I look at my future. I have learned better and smarter ways to retail product, along with many other wonderful things. I think about my business as opportunities through my guests and my attitude. Most of all, I have realized that accomplishing my dreams is never out of reach. It is possible! Nuts and Bolts has highlighted and cleared a path, a way for me to see this. Thank You!!!!!!”
-Megan Valadez, Nuts and Bolts Student

“Nuts and bolts has helped me become a better sales person by helping me to understand how the consumer thinks. after only two classes my retail went from almost nothing to over $400 the next month.”
-Amber Wright, Nuts and Bolts Student

“Two months ago I started to put into practice the Nuts and bolts theories.. guess what it WORKS big time. I’m so greatful for the knowledge and skills that I’ve acquire. I’m going to make it high, real high because of Nuts and Bolts. My 1st month I sold $292.00 in retail and the second month $1,300 in retail.. Thanks Nuts and Bolts”
-Mariluz Bireley, Nuts and Bolts Student

“I use to be so negative against nuts and bolts I didnt think i needed it I hated the class. but I had a change in heart. I have started realizing the class is very educational for me. I want to open my own salon one day but I didnt know how I was going to do that and nuts and bolts helped. I walked into class today with my resume thinking it was good but at the end of the class I realized I was wrong. I was missing so much. This course has been wonderful. I can’t wait until I go into class next week so I can learn so much more. And if you are like I used to be, negative and not opened minded, open your eyes and pay attention because you will see just as i have that this class is very insperational and you can learn so much.

I want to give a special thanks to Wendy Spangler you really are a wonderful teacher.”
-Sheena Watrous, Nuts and Bolts Student

“Nuts and Bolts have been a blessing to me. I have learned how to retail and how to approach people. I think that your concepts of selling hours, maximizing my average ticket and the implementing retail home maintenance program is really helping me to reach my goals in the college I am studying right now (Cameo). I am having great goals now so every client is a potential chance for me to reach my expectations. I have learned how to delight my client and also to educate them. They feel very happy! Almost everyone rescheduled and they take products home. Thanks to this wonderful program.”
-Milagros Paez, Cameo College of Essential Beauty, Murray, UT

“I decided to become a hairstylist after having worked as a salon coordinator in an upscale Aveda salon in Cedar Rapids. My owner sent me to class after class for salon operations, business building and great customer service. It was then that I fell in love with the beauty industry. I chose Capri College because of its great reputation in Cedar Rapids, and my owner said it would be a great place to get my education. When the Nuts and Bolts program came to Capri I was inspired by your words, but I thought the last thing I needed to participate in was another “customer service” class. I thought I all ready knew everything I needed to know and I was just going to school to get my license, why waste time with this program. I am grateful that our director and staff urged me to take the program. The first day of the program I felt as though you were talking right to me and I knew Nuts and Bolts was like know class I had ever taken before. I realized that the attitude I first had about the program was exactly the trap that most stylists fall into, and that if I continued down that path I may be successful for a little while but it wouldn’t last. The program taught me that I will never stop learning, and that clients want to hear about the new things you have learned. I could go on and on about all the doors the program opened up for me and all the ah ha moments! It has helped me change my thinking and shown me how to take customer service to the 5 star level. When I began implementing all of the tools I learned on the floor, the first month my totals doubled and I was just short of making the thousand dollar club! In the second month my retail sales helped me reach the thousand dollar club, I made it a goal to hit fifteen hundred dollars by the third month and ended up making over two thousand dollars in service and retail in my third month! Not to mention my tips were great! I will continue to use the tools from Nuts and Bolts to be successful in this industry, thank you for the opportunity, I am so glad to have taken advantage of it!”
-Sarah Overton, Capri College, Cedar Rapids, IA

“My name is Andi Blake and I attend school in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We are almost done with our charter class of Nuts and Bolts training. I have been a nail tech for over nine years and am currently in school to add cosmetology to my licensure. NAB has given me a whole new perspective on my profession. I love it! It has helped me become a better person personally and professionally and has helped my confidence in both areas as well. I love the information so much that I told my husband and friends that they should listen to my audio cds.
Thank you NAB and Capri College in Cedar Rapids for taking the time to invest in such a wonderful program and inturn in your graduates!”
-Andi Blake, Capri College, Cedar Rapids, IA

“NaB is a great class, that I am proud to be apart of. It not only teaches us how to talk to our guests, but it teaches us an easier way to upservice them what they need verses what they don\’t need. Being PSer\’s and not BSer\’s. NaB gives us the opportunity to go anywhere we want with our career. I love how it TELLS us what we need to do to be successful, and all you have to do is DO IT! I really enjoy this class, and it was a very rewarding experience. being apart of it.”
-Kasey Lyn Hunt, Honors Beauty College

“Nuts and Bolts is not only an amazing opportunity to learn how to maximize your average ticket, but it is a FUN and easy way to form good habits while keeping confident! NaB has helped me in my life in Cosmetology and my personal day to day life! It has taught me to never give less then my best!”
-Jamie Giedd, Stewart School, Sioux Falls, SD

“Nuts and Bolts is GREAT! The Traveler is AMAZING! I get to know my clients, be a problem solver and learn how to be a better, more successful Cosmetologist!”
-Nikki Russo, Stewart School, Sioux Falls, SD

“Nuts and Bolts has helped me develop a new sense of self being! It has helped me put my dreams into goals with solid deadlines so that I will achieve those dreams!”
-Meagan Britain, Stewart School, Sioux Falls, SD

“To me nuts and bolts is a fun and effective way to not only learn to succeed in your profession, but also in life. I enjoy the classes and look forward to all the new and exciting things we learn!”
-Jordan Trainor, Stewart School, Sioux Falls, SD

“I’ve learned that being a great business person starts with being a sincere person. After that, the creativity and talent takes you further. Nuts and Bolts shows you how simple it is to be extraordinary!”
-Chelsey McCuen, Stewart School, Sioux Falls, SD

“I just wanted to let you know how great the Nuts and Bolts of Business program is. It has truly helped me understand the importance of being successful in my future business. My favorite thing about Nuts and Bolts was really realizing the importance of keeping track of my appointments and my receipts along with it. People make mistakes but if you are the one to keep track of your numbers you will almost always be right. Thank you so much for offering this program!”
-Katie Wadsworth, Cameo College of Essential Beauty, Murray, Utah

“I learned so much about myself as a person. Things I used to fear and why I fear them. It is ok to get out of your comfort zone.”
-Tamika, student at Capri College of Cosmetology, Dubuque, Iowa

“I am getting self trained to be a money making machine. You get out of it what you put into it! Bottom line, it is awesome!”
-Kelly, student at Capri College of Cosmetology, Dubuque, Iowa

“I have learned that in order to be successful you not only must believe in yourself and be confident, but also treat your clients with the utmost respect and use your time wisely.”
-Teddi Bickers, Honors Beauty College, Indianapolis, IN

“Truly I feel more confident and prepared to succeed independently after leaving school, and this is only after going through the first program!”
-Sacha, student at Capri College of Cosmetology, Dubuque, Iowa

“What I’ve learned from Nuts and Bolts is how to run my own business; how to start it and how to manage my inventory, my employees, and most of all my money. I’ve learned that you must have great communication with your clients and as well as your teammates. Thanks Nuts and Bolts”
-Kim Smith, Student at Guy’s Academy, Shreveport, LA

“I learned that our business is built by us, and if we are not willing to put time and effort into it, we will not be successful. We can become as successful as we want to be.”
-Britni Hill, Honors Beauty College, Indianapolis, IN

“Positive is the key word, Nuts and Bolts teaches you that a positive attitude can get you a long way.”
-Lisa, student at Capri College of Cosmetology, Dubuque, Iowa, student at Capri College, Dubuque, Iowa

“I learned that wasting time will get me nowhere in life and working smarter, not harder, will. Making people happy and making yourself proud at the same time means just as much as success and money.”
-Paige Tye, Honors Beauty College, Indianapolis, IN

“What i have learned from Nuts and Bolts is that understanding our clients is very important. I need to give them the 5 star customer service they deserve from beginning to end. I need to be able to listen to my clients and give them what they want, not what I want them to have. Thanks Nuts and Bolts”
-Monique Huggins, Student at Guy’s Academy, Shreveport, LA

“I learned that I have the power and ability to make whatever kind of money I want. No one is going to do it for me. I have to take the extra step.”
-Sarah Jacobs, Honors Beauty College, Indianapolis, IN

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